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- Dunciboy - 12.02.2015

Could you add an iprintlnbold to to the cure by medic sometimes i get cured but don't even notice because its at the kill feed.

- Я-Wim-R - 12.02.2015

Do you not see the vison changeing back to normal?

- Dunciboy - 16.02.2015

Я-Wim-R,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=9017#post9017 Wrote:Do you not see the vison changeing back to normal?
To be honest if your gun blazing and shooting zombies you don't notice details at all so I don't notice this vision change at all also some rounds you have red vision and this makes it even harder to notice. So there is no harm in adding an iprintlnbold for this.

Anyway I'd like to introduce a new script I'm working on _mapfixes.gsc.

I'm not releasing it yet but this how it would work on mp_surv_graveyard. Additionally you can also spawn collisions that are solid although its always better to spawn a resetcollision since a sollid script raduis seems to be working strangely with the width and height of it and the fact that during testing I encounter cases where you could get under the solid collision and get protection from being hit by zombies because they won't attack, so its best not to use those on the flat ground since a script raduis is a plump/circle area and not a square area.

- [SOG]Rom - 16.02.2015

The glitch script is a very good idea Thumbup

- PostaR94 - 16.02.2015

What do you think about adding Dragon's Breath to shotguns?

- Dunciboy - 19.02.2015

Id' like to fight max possible zombies in a server when playing alone and not just 8 zombies. it makes the game boring with only 8 zombies certainly on big maps.

- JeffSkye - 19.02.2015

Read the .cfg files

- Dunciboy - 19.02.2015

[PF]JeffSkye,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=9144#post9144 Wrote:Read the .cfg files
I did so what cvar are you refering to because i can't find any that modify the amount that is spawned at once per player in the.cfg files


Ps i know you can edit the difficulty and then change it to 5 but its very unfriendly for noobs and there is bug in that script. Also its missing the level.maxBossPhases it will be undefined script error guarenteed i'l report this at bugs section.

difficulty(dif){    switch (dif)    {        case 5:            level.dif_zomPP = 12; // Max zombies per player            level.dif_zomHPMod = 1.8; // Zombies hitpoints modifier        break;    }}

- Luk - 19.02.2015

I intentionally ignored difficulty level 4. I never knew there was a difficulty 5 when hosting a server myself.

- Dunciboy - 20.02.2015

Luk,'index.php?page=Thread&postID=9160#post9160 Wrote:I intentionally ignored difficulty level 4. I never knew there was a difficulty 5 when hosting a server myself.
It the only script that is directly loose in the upload folder at the custom_scripts folder. I guess it was meant to allow custom difficulty settings. Also the hell zombie waves are ignoring the max alive zombies per players limit is this intentional or is this a bug?