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MaM RotU-Stats plugin sqlite integration. - AlexC - 04.02.2015

Hy there.

I have this suggestion, because the low-end-box PC-s (VPS's) doesn't have any capacity to run MySQL or MariaDB, and MaM prefer sqlite.
Does it possible in the future? I'll be very happy to this Smile

- Luk - 04.02.2015

But how do you "use" the stats if not in a MySQL table? I've never used SQLite, yet, so I guess I'd have to learn that first.

- AlexC - 05.02.2015

I don't use it, because i haven't got mysql .. Smile sqlite better for me, because it not use ram, only writes the tables in the hdd in 1 file. thats all. the syntax is different than mysql, but very light, and sqlite doesn't have any service running. it don't use ram, only cpu and hdd (a little bit Smile ) Wink

- Luk - 05.02.2015

So where is the purpose of writing an SQLite version if you don't use it. Hmm

- [SOG]3aGl3 - 05.02.2015

I think you missunderstood him, he means he's not using MySQL because SQLite is better for him.
Also if you need a little info on SQLite just hit me up, I've worked with that; not very different from MySQL.

- Luk - 05.02.2015

Alright then, I'm not forced to look at 50 tutorials, yay Biggrin
When we start working on RotU-R again we'll have a look at SQLite (for MAM), but there is a shitload on the list, so it might take a while.

- capsuleboy - 06.02.2015

Guys , please I need some help-
I was able to retrieve the BARRET, which had been removed by you or by rotu, but the files were still there!

I was also able to restore m14 silenced which had been replaced by SCAR silenced, which sucked so much that was not even assigned to anybody!! hahaha
Anyway I was always in love with m14 silenced, I gave it damage 70 - minimun damage 40. and here is where I need your help, when I went to assign sounds it was OK

those are the sounds that the original weapon has, but in your mod those sounds were still of the lame SCAR silenced, which refuses to get deleted!!
Please tell me that you can give me my precious M14 silenced sound, Please! is there a way to put the original sound there?


I also want to ask you something else, just for now. There is a weapon, I think f2000 probably... well this weapon has blue and green cammo, the thing is that this cammo seems to have been made by a kindergarden kid!!!. Please, can you send me something better to cover that "artistic" expression? something like the original iwi without modification or something?
But please!! tell me how can I get back m14 silenced sound!!

- Luk - 06.02.2015

This is a suggestions board, and not a helpdesk. Open another thread for that kind of stuff. Also with this kind of attitude and choice of words I'm sure that nobody will help you.

Sniper Only TDM - Toujane - Brod. - 09.02.2015

Hey guys, I used to play on a server a year or so ago which had Toujane as the only map in the rotation.

This was a Promod Sniper Only TDM which was always reasonably populated, sometimes reaching over 16 players.

I feel it's a good way to practice sniping skills if you wanna get into Promod or if you're returning, plus if you're a DeathRun player, it's useful for the Sniper Room at the end of almost every map (should it be chosen)! Plus, it really is good fun.

Lemme know what you think.

Toujane Beta:

- [SOG]3aGl3 - 10.02.2015

Well, I'm certainly not an Admin here so this isn't my decision; however this seems like a really boring idea.
There are a few dozen sniper only servers that allow you to play a good amount off maps so I don't see why a lot of players would be attracted to a server running soely Toujane.