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more suggestions - lsa7723 - 10.12.2014

#1 - Change flamethrower settings in weapons.iwd

goto: skorpion_acog_mp


This lets you move faster while you aim and raises the FOV while aiming. I think it's better this way. try it!

#2 - Add "hardcore" classes that dont have any perks like gas mask, incendiary ammo, poisonous bullets, etc. except for medkit and ammo box

Something like hardcore medic and engineer classes and the only perk they have is medkit and ammo box.

#3 - Add a wave where only halfboss zombies spawn

the big zombies that you see in the final wave

#4 - Add WA2000 sniper from black ops

ive seen it in some rotu servers. its a nice gun with a cool fire shot sound.

#5 - Let the boss zombie spawn zombies

Maybe crawler or normal zombies spawn below the ground when the boss does a shock wave attack. or the red fire balls that the boss sends out can spawn hell zombies

#6 - Replace battlefield 3 SCAR-H gun with something else

This gun looks low resolution compared to the other guns. i think the old scar-h from mw2 looked better. Also the new gunshot sound effect for the bf3 scar doesnt sound good in my opinion.

#7 - Replace new battlefield 3 silencer gunshot sound with silencer sound from MW2

I added a winrar with gunshot sounds, mw2 silencer and wa2000 sniper gunshots

- [SOG]Rom - 10.12.2014

Again i like the #3 with the sentry Icon Smile

- JeffSkye - 10.12.2014

#1 Would be unfair - you can run faster to people that are down for example and revive them.
#2 Thats a lot of work and its nice the way it is right now I think
#3 Sounds good I like the idea Tongue
#4 Would be fun Squint
#5 Don't really like the idea killing the boss alone is already hard enough
#6 Please don't lots of people really like the Scar-H Rolleyes
#7 I like the sounds the way they are right now Squint

I need some help - capsuleboy - 30.01.2015

Hi, I am already loving your mod. I need some help and I also give my recommendations.
I play on my own (no servers here). Anyway, I need some help from you guys..

1) I know you guys changed some weapon names for modded weapons, I want to
know if there is a chance of assigning the silenced sniper that only
appears in the mission when we rescue Nicolai (single player), I think
this weapon also appears in sniper mission with cpt Price. - This
weapon doesnt appear in multiplayer, can it be added in shop.cfg? I am
dying to make the sniper more "Sniper", I even know where I would put it, here:
"set surv_scout_unlockprimary2 m16_reflex_mp"

<img src="">

2) I also changed uzi for
"set surv_scout_unlockprimary1 m14_silencer_mp"
But I havent tested it yet!! (I know m14_mp works, lets see about silencer)

3)I want to know how to increase the players health (double or triple)
(please tell me if it can be done by adding some line in any of the .CFGs)

4) Suggestions: medic runs fast, can supply health.
What about the sniper? Should have the cammouflaged clothes and well..
cammo would make him invisible at times (not the assassin, he doesnt
even have cammo, and his special is also becoming invisible. So why
would you want a special that is almost the same as the advantage!)

5) The boss runs faster than me and I cant reload the special, the bar
just doesnt fill (problably it should load also with damage given to
the boss and not only with zombies kills. Also, sometimes I kill zombies
and the special bar refuses to fill !!).

6) Also there is no time when the boss stops, not even when he throws that light. It would
be great that sometime it just stopped and became an easy target. He could stop and make some roaring that would scare the player!.

7) Grenade turret should not shoot too often!, whereas sentri turret should make just a bit more damage and should sound like the helicopter
turret (a bit louder at least).

8) Also I feel turrets shouldn´t just dissappear, they should remain unconnected and you should
have to pay some money to enable them again (not so expensive as when
you buy them for the first time).

9) magnum sucks!!! man. A magnum should make enormous damage, have 6 bullets (not 100! or 30!
but 6) , magnum should sound really loud, give a big kick, and you
should be able to make a new shot in 4 or 5 seconds, or more.
THe same with gold robocop eagle, it is the best F*** thing !!! but
please, 100 bullets in round?? . give it 16 or 20 maximum, have you
ever thought that reloading is also part of the pleasure?

10) I almost forget, I think remington700_acog is the green one, the one that
has to load every bullet but has HIGHEST accuracy. THe point is that in
this mod the weapon has a round and can shoot several bullets before
reloading, it also reloads extremely fast!!. While M40a4 is the black
weapon wich can shoot several bullets (being automatic), and as a
disadvantage is much less accurate. So measuring things, this last
weapon becomes inferior in your mod, added the fact that it reloads much

11) My last advice is that hell zombies should have more
time before the mod kicks them (2 minutes more). Sometimes I am
gathering them all to make a massive kill with mister monkey and they
just get kicked. I kill some of them to avoid this, but the player
saving the zombies from being kicked is not the feeling I want to get
from a survival mod, I rather want to get the feeling of running until
they catch me.


- JeffSkye - 30.01.2015

1. That is the m21 silenced.
2. Will work but could bug.
3. Don't know.
4. A fast medic would be unfair. The others should also have a chance to revive.
5.The special also fills in the boss wave...
6. The boss does stop sometimes but it follows his target so when his target stopped running he will to.
7. It would be useless if it didn't shoot so much.
8. This would be bad since this wouldn't allow new players to buy turrets cause the limit has been reached.
9. Thats just the mod you must be able to kill zombies with it.. If it has just a few bullets you would have to reload like 10 times to kill for example a hell zombie.
10. It shoots slower because it has more damage...
11. The mod is made for multiplayer...

The mod is good as it is right now Wink
The weapons and classes are balanced.

- Я-Wim-R - 30.01.2015

Quote: Sorry man, but as long as you do not play this mod as itis intended (online,with more than 5 people), we can not pay attention to your suggestions about buffing/nerfing elements. Maybe you can find communities in your area that will host the mod online.

- PostaR94 - 30.01.2015

I believe Scout needs light and compact weapons like SMGs or PDWs instead of sniper rifles. Due to slow ROF snipers are nothing compared to Soldiers M4 or Medics SCAR-H. I think he should have weapons such as MP7, UMP or PP-19 Bizon. With those weapons Scout would be more competitive with other classes.

- [PF]*Lea* - 02.02.2015

if would be great if zombies stuck on the monkeybomb could not be killed by other players because other players kill them for a killstreak and there is no way to charge the special in that way

- Я-Wim-R - 02.02.2015

If I recall it correctly the monkeybomb does not chage the scout his special, ony headshots charge hs special

- [PF]*Lea* - 02.02.2015

I lived in a lie... thank you xD