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- lsa7723 - 25.07.2014

I really enjoy playing RotU, so thank you Luk for this great RotU update and keeping this co-op mod alive.

Here are my suggestions

1. Add "wawzombies" ammo box mode to RotU-R

It's nice to have the freedom of using any weapon and class. Please bring back this mode to RotU mod.

2. Enable/disable classes in rotu.cfg

I'd like to have a server with only medic & engineer classes.

I think a game of RotU is more fun when most of the server has players using the medic and engineer classes. I notice players will stay together in a group more often and use teamwork better to survive waves.

- Luk - 26.07.2014

To 2.:
You can already limit each class with the config vars

To 1.:
I've had no time to adjust and test the wawzombies gamemode. It MAY be implemented later, but it is on a rather low priority.

Thanks for your suggestions, I greatly appreciate them!

- skimkiller - 15.08.2014

hello i really like the rotu revolution and i have few ideas for it ,

1 - gas mask in shop : it should give protection from the crawel zombies
2- random box : you can only buy it once and when you open it , it should give you only one gift of those : fast reload , longer running time and faster knife using
3- revive reward points should increase each time the player do revive
4- add dvars for the increase i think its case 20 the dvars should contain which weapons the player have to use to kill the gaint and another dvar to let admin control if they want this wave boss or another thing

if you guys want any script helping i am on for it , greeting

- Luk - 18.08.2014

1. That is an idea.
2. Those perks are reserved to roles already.
3. Hmm... Don't you think this would become overpowered over time?
4. You mean a dvar filled with weapon names that are eligable for damaging the boss during a boss type? I would use one dvar and split weapons with ";". Dunno if I'd do that as the boss is intended to be as he is now.

- [SOG]3aGl3 - 21.08.2014

After playing RoTu-R for some hours now I have to say that I quite like how it plays.
However I still have some suggestions:
1. You definitely need to change the skillpoint menu to a quick menu as well, so you press 1 to skill soldier, 2 for assassin, etc. like this it almost killed me a few times
2. Alter the spawn mechanism when there are much players, I played on snow heaven two times now and it's always the same, six people camp on each pf the enterances during the normal waves. My suggestion would be to spawn zombies at random waypoints, whenever there are more then two players per enterance.
3. Change the Skillpoints available string so it gives a hint for players how to do that, even thought the server is showing it in chat at times there are still players asking for it. e.g. (Skillpoints Available: &&1 Press [{mp_QuickMessage}] and 1 to spend them.)
4. Make stock maps work, I'm sure that'd be a great addition to the map, as they usually don't have the spawning issue I mentioned at 2nd

- Luk - 21.08.2014

Nice suggestions. I've thought about some of them already.

1. That is definitely an idea. Instead of using this quite boring fullscreen skillpoint menus, a quick menu should do the same trick.
2. I'm already spawning zombies on random waypoints during the scary, hell, grouped and final wave. I think normal zombies should still come from the spawns. It is to mappers to create more areas where these can come from.
3. Ah, nice to see you've included the replacer for that button. I must admit I've had no idea what the shortcut for that quickmessage button is. Good idea.
4. I've recently run through a shitload of stock maps just to see if they run, without waypoints. Just to see if the xmodel limit is reached. And it is on most maps. I only remember Overgrown to load properly.

barrett 50 cal - ACE - 05.09.2014

Can you swith last weapon in scout with barrett 50 cal, because with the curent weapon looks like im shooting with a air gun.
Thanks for understanding. ACE Wink

Suggestion - Add external map support from rotu 2.2.2 - James - 12.09.2014

I think Rotu Revolution is a great mod.

My only suggestion is that I wish it added support for external waypoints/tradespawns to third party maps like Rotu 2.2.2 has.


Each file is just a list of waypoints and locations of the ammo/weapons boxes. All the 2.2.2 code is under some type of opensource license so that part shouldn't be an issue.

This would add support for dozens of extra maps.

-- James

- Luk - 12.09.2014

We will definitely have a look at that sooner or later. Thanks for your suggestion.

- Rammski - 14.09.2014

It would also be nice to have like additional skills or stats in each prestige level. That would be nice.