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- Luk - 11.03.2014

Here is what I can do with weapons:
- Give player perks (Steady Aim, Double Tap, Stopping Power)
- Adjust damage via script-multiplicator
- Do script stuff whenever a bullet hits a zombie (like the poisonous and incendiary ammo, no damage to the boss in the knife/explosive phase etc.)

What I can't do:
- Change recoil
- Change zoom
- Partially change blur (only fullscreen)
- and I guess much more... Sad

EDIT: Btw these functions are available (exclude the only SP since not all are available in MP):

EDIT2: There is something called "setSpreadOverride".... maybe this can change recoil. I'll investigate.

EDIT3: Yep, that works!

Proposal: Remove Rule #2 On Servers - Racso - 23.03.2014

Yes, indeed. I said it.

Why? I can say for sure that there are alot of people on the servers (mostley the Rotu-R server) and with that comes alot of people from around the world, that in a way garanties that not everyone can type "perfect" english at any given time. I have wanted to point this rule out to the fellow players but then this rule comes [spoiler=#13]Do not pose yourself as a admin on [PF]servers,this will result with a ban. [/spoiler] and that blocks me from telling them that the way they are speaking is wrong. Today I was on the server with my fellow companions speakingly, Luk, Rom and Rioma. And I noticed that there was a player (Can't remeber his name) who was speaking another language other then english. Me, taking for sure that the mods (Moderators not modifications) on the server at the time was fully aware of the rule and know what to do with him, so I didn't take actions.
But, nothing was done, no warning, no kicks, nothing. I have seen the same thing happend again and again multiple times. If the mods and admins doesn't take this rule in consideration then remove it. If it isn't being followed then it has no use being on the list.

So the solution: Remove the rule or take it more serious.

Thanks for your time.


- Puffy - 23.03.2014

Hi there Rac,

Nice to point that up,i belive that rule #13 is applying on when someone is talking that he will kick,ban or something similar,or that he is admin here and everyone have to listen him,this you can check with !online cmd and simply warn him for reporting, there is no harm if you tell people if they can speak english or to speak english because you are reffering with that on rule #2 , rule states The server's general language is english, so speak know how they say,coin have two sides.....i belive that rule dont state or deny to talk to your friend on your languige,but to communicate to others you have to use english...if im wrong please correct me

With love Love

Puffy Biggrin

- Luk - 23.03.2014

I agree with Racso.

Rule #2 says that the language should always be English, no matter what. At that time when the server was freshly set up I was making sure people were speaking English, but that didn't work out since they either didn't want to speak English or couldn't.
I agree on English being mandatory to communicate with people all around the world but since we have loads of people from Romania, Croatia etc. I think this rule should be either altered towards "Please speak English to communicate with other people, but you may use any language you like to communicate with your friends." or completely removed.

- Puffy - 23.03.2014

ok we can go with your call should we remove it or change it?

- Luk - 23.03.2014

I'd say we put it like this:
"There is no language enforcement on this Server. However, please speak English whenever you can anyone can understand what you're saying."

- Puffy - 23.03.2014

Done. Squint

- Racso - 23.03.2014

Discussion done, thread done. Feel free to lock this.

- Luk - 23.03.2014

I usually don't lock threads since there might always be someone who wants to further discuss about this in the near future.

- Puffy - 24.03.2014

I must say Helldogs are awesome....just to ask is it possible for them to spawn like in scary wave or like hellknights? all around the map and not just in spawn point