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New Map / Snow Bloc / Rotu R - C20Dragon - 18.02.2019

Hi New map time. 

Welcome to Snow Bloc!!
Medium size map 

- Use points to unlock new areas / building.

Find 3 CoD Ghost weapons:
1st: Ghost - AMELI (LMG)
2nd: Ghost - MTS-255 (SHOTGUN)
3rd: Ghost - MR-28 (AR)

»Download Snow Bloc HERE«

Been testing the last few days and everything should be fine. Let me know if you run into any issues.
 Enjoy!!! Minigun 

[Image: 61S1HuS.jpg]

[Image: 3KlSoWm.jpg]

[Image: Bf3WaV5.jpg]

[Image: NpPZKvM.jpg]