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rotation - IveMESTAR - 10.02.2019

Can you pls write here settings for "wave" rotations () on current rotu.
Need help with final wave...what is "number"/settings for it?

something like:...set surv_waves "0;3;2;7;4;5;2;7;20;4;7;7;4;7;final wave (idk how is this last 14th wave is writted in server files)

RE: rotation - [SOG]3aGl3 - 10.02.2019

Final Wave is number 9 Smile

RE: rotation - IveMESTAR - 10.02.2019


RE: rotation - Puffy - 13.02.2019

btw...i was checking for new maps.....but actually didnt find anything new......

RE: rotation - [SOG]3aGl3 - 16.02.2019

Well, anything regarding CoD4 seems to have slowed down considerably.
But TBH, it's really getting old soo...