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aimbot and raipdfire - Huva - 25.05.2018

Player name:  st0p
Time of occurance: 25.05.2018 cca 19:50
Hack/Violation: aimbot and rapidfire

Nick name st0p using several days aimbot hax and rapidfire
It also offends other players.

I do not know how to attach zip here.


RE: aimbot and raipdfire - [SOG]benson - 26.05.2018

hi Huva
in this server everyone does what he wants, what is the role of the admin?
the serve language is English and is the least spoken language,
You ask that the rules are respected, and you are derided,
an admin is useful only to ban a cheater?
when st0p be in game i ban him
take a look at alligatoRRR

RE: aimbot and raipdfire - Huva - 26.05.2018

I'm sorry that I do not use only English. When I talk to people from the same speaking area I use my native language. And I try to speak German with German. And with the rest in English. I did not know that the rule went to the same category with cursing and cheating.
Once again I apologize for that.
I didn't notice that alligatoRRR uses any kind of hack, but I will pay attention.

RE: aimbot and raipdfire - [SOG]benson - 26.05.2018

st0p banned