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Full Version: Announcing the opening of RoZO and WaW server
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Hello Members and Players,

We are happy to announce the opening of two awesome servers: Return of Zombie Ops - RoZO and World at War - WaW!

Now you can play on the RoZO server with lots of fun, new stuff and surprises! We dare you... try to survive and we hope you will have fun there. Also you can play on the WaW server, where you have the amazing WWII TDM atmosphere. Try weapons that you miss from that time, defeat the other teams, have fun and and enjoy themed maps! I don't want to spoil everything, you'll have to find out yourself!

IP addresses for the servers can be found in the Gameserver section or you can get it from here:

RoZO Server -
WaW Server -

Have Fun!