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Full Version: The final Vote for our Community name!
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Here we are again. This vote will most likely be final.

We now have the three most voted names from the last vote and some more suggestions from the staff.

Please consider the following when voting
→ We aim to have a name that is more general and not focussed on a single person
→ The name should be short for a good website address
→ It should describe what we're doing

You have ONE vote! Keep in mind that you will not be able to change your votes after submission!

The vote will end on 15.11.2015 00:00

PS: We removed "United Mod Community" because it is too generic in our eyes. Sorry.
Hey guys, just a quick push to get this thread to the top again! Make sure you get those votes in!
The vote has ended!

Thanks everyone for taking part in this very important next step for this community. We, the staff members, will now come together to form a new community around this new label. Stay tuned for changes and stuff!