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Full Version: Announcing our merge with Mod Team Germany and why we need YOU!
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We're glad to announce that the Puffyforum Community will merge with Mod Team Germany!

During the last weeks we've been discussing the idea with Lefti and 3aGl3, the owners of Mod Team Germany. They approached us with the idea to merge our communities together. We've now come to the conclusion to initiate the merge!

The merge will take several weeks to finish, so we're taking little steps.

What will change?
Good question!
We had several expectations from a merge, just like them. There wasn't much to discuss further as almost everything seemed to be easily decidable at the start. All in all we want to keep the spirit: Being open for everyone and providing a place to call gaming-home.
In short, we've decided the following:
  • Administrators, Moderators and Assistant Admins will keep their position
  • Lefti and 3aGl3 will become Staff Members
  • Reign of the Undead-Revolution and Return of Zombie Ops will become two huge Zombie Mods made from and for the newly formed community
  • We will maybe redesign the forum, re-organize categories and freshen things up
  • The forum, gameserver and everything will be moved to our very own Dedicated Server! This means: Better performance, full control, no stupid provider DDoS shit (I might exaggerate a little)
  • The Dedicated Server will open us the ability to concentrate development to one collective place
  • We need a new name!

Did you see the thing in orange? No? Well, it says that we need a new name! And for that we need YOU.

Why a new name? And what do we do?
Puffyforum was created by Puffy as a place for former members of LukServers, a community run by me which basically looked like Puffyforum looks now. Since we merge, this appears to be a good time to take a more general name, something to remember.
Since we merge with a modding team which is known for their awesome RoZO zombie mod and have a zombie mod ourselves, should the name be influenced by a zombie-theme? Should we ignore the whole zombie thing and take something that will leave us air for further changes, like running a World at War mod for CoD4?


Head over to the →merge thread to post names that you can come up with. All names will then be put into a poll as soon as we have several good ones.

For better gaming and more fun!
- Puffyforum Administration
-- Luk