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Full Version: Reign of the Undead - REVOLUTION is partially Open Source!
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Coders and Fans out there, we're not gone!

We know that many people and even members of this forum have provided code examples and suggestions that couldn't be implemented due to the limited time Eagle and me currently have available.

In order to keep the wheel running, we've decided to publish the Script files of the mod so everyone can apply modifications or report bugs.

The public repository can be found here .

Our current focus lies at Documentation and Code Cleanup. Take a look at /players/_players.gsc to get an idea of how we've structured the function's description and even paid attention to several individual lines so YOU can understand what's going on.

We are still busy, moreover there are deep changes in the code and the game files which have to be completed first, before we can even think of a live test, but we're still eager to polish the mod as a whole and make it more stable.

So yeah, we'd love to see people dive into the code and help us out.