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Full Version: Rotu-R memes
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So, yeah.
Hi bros n Siss Biggrin
Well, I was bored and I had an unstoppableurge to spam, and as you can see the Spam section is a little big sleepy, so let's kiss it, a kiss of life Biggrin

That topic would be for Rotu-R Memes, you can make a meme about usual random things that happens in the server,
You can create memes with the help of various memes generator such as Imgflip and Memegenerator.

Ok, I will begin with two memes, hope you continue the series:

[Image: p1rxa.jpg]

[Image: p1rza.jpg]
This is awesome Biggrin I'll make few of those when I return home in a few days from my mini vacation Wink
Here are my memes Smile
Hey Hey
[Image: need-a-medic.jpg]
[Image: 1206550.jpg]
[Image: 1207199.jpg]
lol haha

[Image: p2q7o.jpg]

[Image: p2qgx.jpg]

[Image: p2qjp.jpg]
[Image: 609bea3f9860bdd47b900fa7ebc9b159.png]

lol just saw I failled pretty hard :x
* inferno
[Image: p30c6.jpg]
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