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Full Version: Jay2OR
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I just bann player Jay2OR.
Reason: ban evade

Old guid:
7 Jay2OR Player 000000004478856c46174f64101bc3da ip

New guid:

Private: 31=>BiBi..*_*.=DD; 34=>Bukiii; 32=>[42G]NightMare; 33=>Ritoplz; 30=>MEX l Indefensa; 35=>Jay2OR; 36=>Mr.DoDo; X=>TCP-Admin (doome);
] getinfo players
31 BiBi..*_*.=DD Player 00000000b663c519bd9bea47bfca808e 0
34 idanxfi Player 00000000521c5ac4a9a09b5a054a011a 0
32 [42G]NightMare Player 00000000584a6446c302ef2971192a77 0
33 Ritoplz Player 00000000e7ff5a1823a4d3d91703fa28 0
30 MEX l Indefensa Player 00000000fa1816a4e9128806444fcd9e 0
35 Jay2OR Player 000000009mtd8gdq7w5dmk4tdzfcmjfs 0
34 Bukiii Player 00000000b5e6ce7cd38e54deb30bb3c4 0
36 Mr.DoDo Full Assistant 00000000d84edf4907f94e382fdb14fd 0
he was banned three times?
Insistent guy Smile