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Full Version: Promotion from Full Assistance to Head Assistance for [PF] Lorena
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Members and guests,

Because of her dedication for spending so many hours on server and keep it free from cheaters, so players can enjoy killing zombies and have fun, we decided to promote [PF] Lorena from Full Assistance to Head Assistance. Congratulations to our new Head Assistance [PF] Lorena and we wish her good luck and that she continues doing such great work like she was doing it so far.
Congrats [PF]Lorena Thumbsup
Congratulations! Biggrin
Congrats LoReNa Banana Banana Banana :taz: Dancing
Drunk Drunk :che: :che: :beer: Rocking Rocking
Congratz Lore! :appl: :che: :appl:
Congratz Lore Thumbup
Well deserve! Cool Congratulations LoReNa! Thumbsup
Grats on your promotion Lorena.
from me too Love
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