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Full Version: Scheduled downtime 03.02.
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Hello everyone.

Just as a quick info:

We're taking down the whole Server (including Gameservers and Forum) this weekend for some routine checks and updates. If everything goes right, the downtime should be short. We can't exactly say when at this point in time, but once it's done, I'll post an update here.

Thanks for your understanding  Love Love
The maintenance has ended.

The aim of this maintenance was to harden our system against the vulnerabilities caused by the Meltdown & Spectre security issues. We have upgraded our System to the latest patched Linux Kernel, as well as updated the Intel Microcode of our Intel Core-i7.

We also shut down our Teamspeak 3 server since we've been regularly using our free Discord server (Join-Link).

Other than that, everything is in working order. Thanks for your patience and enjoy playing  Love Love