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Full Version: kicked by script admin
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hi all

i am making rotu server and after i join i got kicked with reason kicked by admin script and in the log i have this

^2Processed 8201 bytes for client uG|killerman
Say uG|killerman: I'm a hacking , for which I now get kicked!
Player uG|killerman^7, 40 dropped: Player kicked by scriptadmin
That is because according to the server your GUID was invalid.

set game_lan_mode 1

in the rotu.cfg.
thank you guys i couldnt solve the problem in 1.8 so i backed it to 1.7a and working very good
can i know how to make zombies give more xp (zombies per kill ) in the mod it so low xp

thank you
You should look through the configs Wink

set game_xpmultiplier 1

in rotu.cfg. Change 1 to any multiplier you like to have.
If you want to use 1.8 this is might be useful for you:
thank you so much guys