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Full Version: Selecting new Mod to replace current Snowball mod
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Members,Users and players,

We would like to hear what mod would you like to see to replace Snowball server, dont worry when winter comes again, that mod will return as well. In the poll there will be few choices, have in mind that you can vote only once and can only give one vote. So click here and vote.......and change the server's fate. Wink

[Image: art-com-star-wars-your-empire-needs-you.jpg]
i can say from GB server, bo2 mod gets great response (in first 100 servers on GT worldwide)
all other mods are interesting for a few players for short period of time (position on gametracker is relevant there)
tdm rules, all other mods are just passing by
in bo2 mod you can set gametypes, and with enabling vote players between rounds can choose gametypes and maps