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Full Version: Regarding the recent minimum age/application/admin discussion
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Hey guys, just a quick head's up:

You've brought up some concerns about our rules and all of the staff members are currently actively discussing this matter and are in the process of scheduling an internal meeting. Until then we will most likely not decide anything prematurely. This might take until next week.
Feel free to engage in the current discussion regarding the latest admin application if you have any ideas or suggestions!

This post is to inform you that - even though it can seem quiet in the next days - we are all engaged in a discussion that might take a bit of time to resolve. We hope to find a solution for everyone!

- The SOG Staff
Hello everyone,

here is an update after many of us held an internal meeting discussing the matter listed in the post above:

1. We agreed on making exceptions from our application-rules on individual applications if we strongly agree that the person in question is a great addition to our team.
As we've seen with Classified and JeffSkye, people under the age of 16 can be trusted, reliable and mature. This might still be a minority, but we want to give people under the age of 16 a chance.

2. Assistants are allowed to suggest a player from the server to become Trial Assistant and will become their Mentor.
After the Assistant has suggested the player and if we agree that we see potential, the player in question will then be encouraged to write a formal application. The Assistant who suggested the player will then - in case of an accepted application - become the player's Mentor.
As Mentor, this Assistant is responsible for the player. She/He will teach him how to be a good Assistant, how she/he should react in certain situations and more. If the new Trial Assistant should violate our Good Will - for example by abusing his rights - her/his Mentor will be held responsible for this, too.
After the trial period is over, all of us will discuss whether she/he will become Full Assistant themselves.